Supermarine Southampton

Supermarine Southampton at Seletar

The first Aircraft to be bases in Singapore were four Supermarine Southampton Flying Boats to form The Far East Flight Based At Seletar.

S1149, S1150 S1151 & S1152 arrived in Febuary 1928 after an epic journey of 27,000 miles from Felixstowe via the Mediterranean and India. A few months later they completed the journey to  Australia.

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Far East Flight stopover in the middle east en route to Seletar

Initially in Service with The Far East Flight, which then became 205 Squadron at Seletar (Singapore) from January 1929 until February 1935. The Southampton, which was designed by R J Mitchell of spitfire fame, was a two-engine biplane flying boat, with the the engines mounted between the wings. The Mark 1s hull and wings were manufactured from wood. The Mark 2 had a hull with a single thickness of metal (Duralumin) This change gave a large reduction in weight, thus a considerable increase of range. In 1929, 24 of the Mk I were converted by having newly built metal hulls replacing the wooden ones. Some of the later aircraft were built with metal wings. There were three machine gun positions, one in the nose and two in the rear fuselage.

The first flight of a production aircraft was made on 10 March 1925, The RAF started to take delivery Mid 1925.

Supermarine Southampton in flight over Singapore