Seletar Schools

Although Seletar has been an RAF Station since the the 1920s, prior to world war 2, it was mainly an unaccompanied tour and educational facilities were not provided by the air ministry for service children.  The first married Quarters at birdcage walk were erected in 1935 when the first families arrived. These families only brought with then very young children, the older ones remaining at school in the UK.

In 1947, however, the number of families and children had so increased that an all age school was established. the number of children was still small and was staffed by four teachers, a head mistress and three assistants.

Entire school 1947

As Seletar developed into one of the largest overseas stations in the RAF the need to educate the children of a growing number of accompanied airmen increased.  Accommodation for this enlarged number became a problem and saw the introduction of the open sided Attap Hut.

First Attap under construction

Eventually the all-age school disappeared and separate primary and secondary schools were established.

The Attap Classrooms were still in use in the Late 1960s



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