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 Simon Hawketts, an amateur photographer and photo enthusiast, runs the website

He has an unusual but fascinating project involving collections of photographs and slides found on rolls of film in, second hand cameras that he has bought, or in boxes of colour slides which he's picked up on auction sites and car boot sales. You can read more about his method of obtaining these on his website. He Purchased  a set of slides which were in a slide case  in a ‘Buy it now’ sale for only £10. When it turned up and after a bit of investigation, he found that the pictures in it were taken in Singapore in the mid 1960s and included some photos of RAF Seletar. The majority of the images are good quality and have retained their colour and definition well, which is probably the result of them being kept in the slide box with a packet of Silica Gel,

Enclosed in the box with the slides was an index sheet which lists locations and subjects, but unfortunately the slides aren’t numbered or identified in any way, and the positions on the index sheet don’t match the slides in the box – at least they didn’t when the slides reached him

Simon Contacted me via this website as he thought I would be interested in the photos. One of the photos shows some people round a slide projector who I recognised from my tour at Seletar 1962 -63. I am fairly good at remembering faces but not so good at putting names to those faces especially as it is 53 years since I left Seletar.  Initially I thought that this was Ken Lightfoot and his wife Joan who were both members of the Seletar Theatre club during their tour at Seletar.  However, I have been informed by one of his daughters that this is not the case.

Do you recognise anyone in these photos.

Simon has given me permission to use the photos on the website which you can view in the