F. T. Godfrey

These clips have been extracted from a batch of 8mm Cine films obtained from E Bay. It shows the family of F.T Godfrey at RAF Seletar in Singapore during the early 1960s.

The following assumptions are based on the information gathered from the the cine film and the packaging. F T Godfrey was a Warrant Officer and was stationed at RAF Uxbridge prior to his posting to Seletar. His first Married Quarter at Seletar was 7, Birdcage walk but later moved to 17, Maida Vale. He had two children a son who would have been 10-12 and daughter who would been about 2-3 years old when they arrived in Singapore. Xmas 1961 was spent at Uxbridge and they were at Seletar for Xmas 1962 which means that they arrived at Seletar sometime in between.

One of the films contains footage of a Scouting event in Singapore and it is a possibility that the son was a member of the scouts.

On return from Singapore the family spent some time at The Families Transient Unit at RAF Warton.

Mr Godfrey and his wife retied to a house in High Wycombe and they had, at least, one Grandson & one granddaughter. The final film was processed in Australia. It could, therefore, be possible that one of his children emigrated there.

I would like to trace any descendants of this family to re-unit them with this and other cine films from this collection. If you know of anyone who may have connections with this family please mail rafseletar@gmail.com


Family Fun


Christmas 1962


34 Squadron Beverley Taking off

Scouting Event



Out and about in Singapore


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