Empire Windrush

Launched in Germany in 1930 as the Monte Rosa she was a passenger liner and cruise ship.  

During World War II, she was operated by the German navy as a troopship. She was acquired by the United Kingdom as a prize of war at the end of the war and renamed Empire Windrush. In British service, she continued to be used mainly as a troopship until March 1954, when the vessel caught fire and sank in the Mediterranean Sea with the loss of four crew.

She is best remembered today for bringing one of the first large groups of post-war West Indian immigrants to the United Kingdom, carrying 492

passengers and one stowaway on a voyage from Jamaica to London in 1948. British Caribbean people who came to the United Kingdom in the period

after World War II are sometimes referred to as the Windrush generation.

Verified Sailings

Outbound from Southampton to Singapore and the Far East

23 Jan, 12 Jun & 25 Sep 1951

18 Jan, 18 Jun, 16 Sep & 17 Dec 1952

19 Jun, 18 Sep & 31 Dec 1953

Inbound from the Far East & Singapore to Southampton

30 Mar, 22 Aug & 10 Dec 1951

10 Apr & 21 Nov 1952

3 Mar & 4 Dec 1953