205 Squadron at RAF Seletar

205 Squadron was based at RAF Seletar from Jan 1929 to Feb 1935

In 1927 the RAF formed the Far East Flight placing Group Captain H M Cave-Browne-Cave-Brown- Cavein in command and in October it began its flight to Singapore. Arriving in February 1928, it then undertook a flight across to Australia and then around the coast of the continent before flying back to Singapore, where on 8 January 1929, it was re-designated No 205 Squadron. It was the first RAF squadron to be permanently based in the Far East, its Southamptons being used to carry out patrols around Malaya as well as conducting survey flights. Singapores began to arrive in April 1935 but the Southamptons were not fully replaced until February 1936. On the outbreak of war in Europe it began patrolling the Indian Ocean, using advanced bases in Ceylon and the Nicobar Islands.

Catalinas began to replace the Singapores in April 1941 and was fully equipped with them by the time of the Japanese attack in December. Having suffering heavy losses during operations to locate the Japanese invasion fleets, it withdrew to Java and finally in March 1942 to Australia, where it disbanded on the 31st of the month.

In September 1949, it returned to its original home, Seletar, in Singapore and during 1950 and 1951, it operated a detachment at Iwakuni in Japan from where it patrolled the Korean coast. Other detachments were also operated from China Bay, Kai Tak and Changi. From 1 January 1955 to a November 1958 the squadron had 209 linked to it. In March 1959 the squadron HQ moved to Changi and the Sunderlands at Seletar became a detachment.

April 1935 t0 Jan 1941

Early 1940s