Aircraft Based at RAF Seletar from 1928 and 1971


Supermarine Southampton

Supermarine Southampton at Seletar

Initially in Service with The Far East Flight, which then became 205 Squadron at Seletar (Singapore) from January 1929 until February 1935.



Short Singapore Flying Boat

In Service with 205 Squadron at RAF Seletar ( Singapore ) from April 1935 until January 1941

& 230 Squadron from November 1936 until June 1938.


Hawker Horsley

First RAF land planes based at Seletar.

Flown from Seletar by 36 Squadron from November 1930 to April 1935


Vickers Vildebeest


Hawker Hurricanes

Hawker Hurricanes flew with 232 & 258 Squadrons in 1942



The Catalina Served with 205 Squadron in the early 1940s


Fairey Albarcore

The Fairley Albarcore, a single engine Torpedo bomber, was used by 36 Squadron to supplement it's Wildebeests from December 1941 until the Japanese Occupation in 1942.

Supermarine Spitfire

The Supermarine Spitfire served with 11, 17, 22, 681 & 684(81) Squadrons at RAF Seletar




Bristol Beaufort

RAF personnel inspect six Australian-built Bristol Beaufort Mark Vs, shortly after their arrival at Kallang, Singapore. The aircraft were intended for the re-equipment of No. 100 Squadron RAF but, as they were unarmed and their crews possessed no operational training, five were returned to Australia, while the sixth was employed on photographic-reconnaissance duties.




Scottish Aviation Pioneers

Percival Pembroke

The Percival Pembroke Served with 209 Squadron during the early 1960s


Glouster Meteor

The Glouster Meteor Flew with 81 Squadron at RAF Seletar

81 Sqn Meter WB159 1950s

Douglas Dakota

The Douglass Dakota was used by 81 Squadron at RAF Seletar


Taylorcraft Auster

Taylorcraft Auster Aircraft flew with 81 Squadron at RAF Seletar


Avro Anson at RAF Seletar

Avro Anson served with 81 Squadron at RAF Seletar

VL 334



Blackburn Beverey at RAF Seletar

34 Squadron flew the Blackburn Beverley at RAF Seletar from

October 1960 to December 1967.

Belvedere Helicopter at RAF Seletar

The Belvedere Helicopter served with 66 Squadron at RAF Seletar

66 Squadron

RAF Seletar June 1962 to March 1969

Westland Whirlwind

Westland Whirlwind at RAF Seletar


Hawker Siddeley Andover

 Flew with 52 Squadron at RAF Seletar from December 1966 to February 1969